Do Some Dirty Work

Not only as a developer, but in life in general, I think it’s good to do some dirty work. Things around us are not always glamorous. One can’t expect to find whole truth by only enjoying the light and easy slice of the pie. The hard stuff teaches us about the bigger picture, builds character by making us tougher and stronger. The old addage, “if the good things were easy, everyone would have them”, may have some serious truth to it.

What are the risks of not doing some dirty work? One might become unrelatable. We relate to those who have endured some form of personal struggle; it’s hard to respect anyone that hasn’t put in some sweat along their journey. Another might be missing out on valuable knowledge. The little things are the parts that make the big things succeed.

So I advocate, in the land of “computer stuff” and development—and in life in general–do some dirty work. Get your hands dirty, suffer a little, find your boundaries and learn some intimate details about yourself and the world around you.