Branding Ideation

Learnin’ Good

I’ve been working over the last year and half to develop greater coding skills via the Coding Dojo. I’ve learned full stack development in JavaScript and Python (MEAN and Python stacks, respectively) as well as AWS deployment and managing EC2 instances. A few projects I’m most proud of that have surfaced from this are Hiking Tool and Fitness Tracker. Each were created in a unique stack (MEAN and Python, respectively). Since becoming an alumni in their program, I’ve also been working on LAMP and Ruby on Rails courses striving for certifications in these full stacks here within the next 6 months. Additionally, I’ve been taking Algorithms courses to improve my programming structure and logic.

Progress & Evolution

To say the least I’ve been busy. But on the front end, I’ve been experimenting with CSS Grid and Flexbox (a bit of a late comer), as I’ve been seeing this trend growing and growing.  I’m striving to bring this knowledge into new designs and creations. One of my newest projects is to try and get away from some of the out-of-the-box tools so many developers, including myself, have become comfortable upon leaning on. While tools like WordPress and Bootstrap speed up the busy-work of a developer, it also bottlenecks creativity. When we’re all using the same tools, our designs and mannerisms can all start to feel similar and the same. I’ve been working on some templates and images that may come to replace the current branding image of at present. Life is always moving forwards, and it’s important that continues to move forwards with the new skills I’ve been working on, as well as blend in some of the new concepts and philosophies I’ve been developing.

I’ve still got some technical challenges ahead of me, but you can take a look a possible design I’ve been playing with, including a new logo, colors and some new interactive features:

Note: Greatest interactivity on desktop version. Mobile version unfortunately allows for less hover effects, etc, since you’re not navigating via a mouse but your fingertip.


Some of the features I’m most proud of is:

  • PHP7 powered
  • Welcome message (only displays first handful of visits)
  • CSS3 and JavaScript animations
  • Vibrant retro-modern-blend design
  • Sound Effects (for desktop user hover feedback in Firefox or Chrome)
  • The fonts, colors and design elements were all hand crafted, as was the code, as was the logo
  • Less than 400KB and fast loading


In the event I even stick with WordPress for its convenience (and not spending the next 6 months re-inventing the PHP blog wheel), I may try and incorporate this design into my own customized WordPress theme. My long term goal is to create something strangely unique, taking advantage of as much clean code, fun “easter-eggs”, and user-feedback events as possible (it’s nice when things respond to us). Not to mention as light-weight and quick loading as possible. Hopefully in a package that is stimulating to look at and maybe even cracks, dare I say it, a smile or two (seemingly rare in our world of techno-woes)!