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Last revision: February 22nd, 2019

By working with us, you acknowledge our conditions below:

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Services are billed per hour, at $55.00 USD.

This rate allows Sasquatch Creative Studios to provide for one’s self while covering business expenses. Businesses and individuals in unique circumstances may explain their case and a sliding scale may apply for some clients. Time is logged via time tracking software and billed to the minute (not the quarter hour).

Invoices are due on receipt with a 5 business-day limit.

Invoices are sent out digitally using PayPal and can be paid via credit or debit card or even your bank account. Payment may be received no later than 5 days from the date of the invoice. Invoices are generated from time tracking software and billed at the hourly rate, accordingly.

Invoices more than 5 days late acquire a $15.00 USD late fee.

Timely payment is crucial for the flow of Sasquatch Creative Studios. Due to our monthly expenses and our own accounting, it is really important for us to have things paid on time. Any invoice not paid after the 5th day will acquire a $15.00 late fee. Note: Sasquatch Creative understands that life can happen–if a client can clearly communicate their situation, partial payments or special payment plans can be allowed.

Invoices are sent at project milestones.

Invoicing is typically sent after batches of work, or in small milestones. This gives the client real-time feedback in regards to their costs or budget, and allows them at any time, to make changes or decisions in regards to their project or our working together. For some projects, a payment timeline with milestones may be utilized. If a client prefers a particular invoicing interval for their own accounting methods, Sasquatch Creative Studios is happy to help arrange an invoicing schedule that is convenient and comfortable for the client.

Communications & Expectations

Timely Client Communication is Crucial.

Timely client communication is necessary for meeting project deadlines and project goals. Sasquatch Creative Studios cannot be held liable for missing information or project data as a result of client delayed responses or client lack of dialogue.

Timely Client "Homework" is Crucial.

Certain tasks will require completion by client, such as providing the initial information to begin the project, or at times, revisions of the project underway. Sasquatch Creative Studios cannot be held liable for client’s lack of completion of crucial design materials. Things such as logo files, content imagery and copy text are the client’s responsibility, unless explicitly stated and agreed upon.

Communication turn-around is generally 24-48 hours during the business week.

Turn around time on communication is generally 24 or 48 hours between Monday-Friday. Weekend correspondence may not be replied to until the following business week. Sasquat.ch may be reached by text or phone, and will reply within 24-48 hours. Please leave a message and your call should be returned, or reach out using any online form on our website.

Realistic expectations are important during the designing and building process.

There are a lot of web technologies out there for many different needs; Sasquatch Creative Studios always strives to deliver you the best technological solution for your budget. It’s important to be realistic when working with technology and your budget. If your budget is small, striving for ready to go, out-of-the-box solutions, often with less customization, is often a better route. If your budget is large, advanced solutions that involve more customization may be invoked. When approaching a project with a budget, it’s good to have realistic goals and expectations for both parties involved. Sasquatch Creative Studios strives to always communicate the reasons for choosing a particular solution and believes in total transparency.

Sasquatch Creative Studios stands by their solutions and plans of action.

Technology can offer many routes to a solution, all with different amounts of labor and cost. Sasquatch Creative Studios aims to offer the most logical and cost-effective solution. If a client is not satisfied with the suggested solution, Sasquatch Creative Studios reserves the right to disengage in continuing work on said project. This disengagement is due to projects often becoming “more than bargained for”, placing both the designer and client in an uncomfortable position. If Sasquatch Creative Studios does not offer a satisfactory solution to the client’s preferred choice, Sasquatch Creative Studios reserves the right to disengage work at any time.

Sasquatch Creative Studios may not be used as an outsource unknowingly.

Sasquatch Creative Studios reserves the right to full transparency in work relationships. Sasquatch Creative Studios may not be used as an outsource provider to cheapen the cost of production for other web firms, unless fully disclosed and explicit permission is given by Sasquatch Creative Studios. This is to ensure that our work or labor is not being devalued by outside businesses.

Clients own materials created by Sasquatch Creative Studios.

All website materials, graphics and content created or involved in any creation by Sasquatch Creative Studios is owned solely by the client upon invoice payment. Sasquatch Creative Studios does not expect or ask for any ownership. Sasquatch Creative Studios may add examples of a client’s project(s) to our Portfolio (to show off an exciting new creation), if given permission by the client. If a client wishes to remove their project from our portfolio, they may request so and it will be honored.

Hosting, Updates, Security & Backup

Sasquatch Creative Studios can provide Web Hosting with our preferred web host(s).

Sasquatch Creative Studios can facilitate web hosting with our preferred web hosts, ‘A Small Orange‘ (shared hosting for WordPress Sites) or Amazon Web Services (for Web Applications). Hosting and maintenance packages are offered by Sasquatch Creative Studios, billed every 6 months. Maintenance includes keeping website core technologies updated, on-site backups, security monitoring and content edits. Unique hosting solutions can be made for specific projects.

Guaranteed up-time and preservation of data is under the liability of the web host provider utilized by Sasquatch Creative Studios, and is not under the control or influence of Sasquatch Creative Studios. Sasquatch Creative Studios will handle all technical issues which may arise with a web host, to ensure the best service as possible.

Sasquatch Creative Studios may update any DNS, MX or IP records to ensure that your website is setup properly. During the development phase, Sasquatch Creative Studios may temporarily host your website, even if not enrolled in an a hosting and maintenance package. This includes the creation of one FTP account and one cPanel account. Sasquatch Creative Studios assumes no liability for losses to data, email data or email service.

Sasquatch Creative Studios is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged data.

Sasquatch Creative Studios assumes no liability for lost data, and back up solutions should be discussed in regards to your unique project. For sites hosted with Sasquatch Creative Studios, daily database and weekly full website backups are made for all WordPress applications. This however does not guarantee protection in the event of server damage, corruption or intrusion (hacking). Sasquatch Creative Studios can consult with clients and help facilitate data backup solutions, but ultimately cannot be held liable for losses or theft of data.

Sasquatch Creative Studios always strives for best web security practices in development. However, it is true that even the most secure methods can be hacked by skillful individuals.

Services Termination

Services may be terminated at any time by either party.

Services may be terminated at any time by either the client or Sasquatch Creative Studios, for any reason. Any existing logged work will be invoiced and client billed.

Work may be terminated or revoked for lack of payment.

Sasquatch Creative Studios reserves the right to terminate projects for late or non-payment at any time. This may involve revoking existing work, or taking back work that has not been paid for. Sasquatch Creative Studios does not guarantee the preservation of any data that has been lost due to late or non-payment. Sasquatch Creative Studios encourages clients to discuss payment issues or difficulties with Billing, as personalized solutions, depending upon circumstances, may be provided. A lack of contact or dialogue however, will result in termination of services.

Terms of Service Acknowledgement

Thank you for agreeing to these terms and conditions!

By working with Sasquatch Creative Studios you agree to these terms. Please be sure to print a copy if needed. Any recommended changes to the above terms and conditions can be appealed via our contact page. Please check back often, as these terms and conditions are periodically revised.