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Full Stack Developer | Full Stack Engineer

Full stack web application developer/engineer with small-business experience and leadership skills.



Full stack web application developer/engineer, experienced in a variety of languages and frameworks: LAMP (PHP/Hacklang, XHP/React/Flow), JavaScript MEVN/MEAN (Node, Express, Mongo, Angular/Vue/React), Python (Django, Flask) stacks. Skillful knowledge of MySQL/NoSQL databases. Proficiency with Adobe Creative Cloud products. Goal-oriented communicator, results driven.


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript (ES5/6)
  • JS libraries like jQuery, Socket.IO
  • JavaScript frameworks like VueJS, React and Angular
  • Tools like Bower or Yarn
  • Front-end (CSS) frameworks like Bootstrap or MuseUI
  • AJAX
  • JSX
  • Jinja
  • PHP/Hacklang
  • NodeJS/ExpressJS/JavaScript
  • RESTful APIs
  • Python (2.7 and 3+), (some) Ruby
  • Frameworks like ExpressJS, Flask, Django, CodeIgniter, (some) Rails.
  • Databases like MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite.
  • Knowledge of object modeling tools like Mongoose.
  • Knowledge of object-relational mapping queries (Django, MongoDB ORM).
  • Deployment environments like EC2 Instances on Amazon Web Services.
  • Server side deployment tools like Nginx, Gunicorn, PM2.
  • Code review process
  • Code versioning tools
  • Bash commands & CLI tools
  • MVC architecture and Do Not Repeat Yourself (DRY) methodologies.
  • Full-stack web applications — front-end to back-end to development.
  • Experience converting graphic designs to web page visual elements.
  • Understanding of web security like cross-site scripting attacks and cross-site request forgery attacks.
  • Templating engines like Jinja and EJS.
  • Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming (OOP).
  • DNS Configuration, Domain Management, cPanel
  • Self-sufficient, avid-learner, passionate, strong attention to details
  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • MEAN (Mongo, ExpressJS, Angular, Node)
  • MEVN (Mongo, ExpressJS, VueJS, Node)
  • Python (Python, MySQL and Django)
  • Ruby on Rails (in progress)


Gear management tool, powered by MEVN. A tool to help increase trip safety by allowing one to better prepare for their adventures. Create gear lists, create gear items, add many gear items to many gear lists. See gross list weights, and real-time packing weights (weights can be garnered in by weighing items with a scale, or theoretically using product specs). This tool uses VueJS, MuseUI and is powered by Node/Express/Mongo.

Deployment link coming soon!

Hiking risk management tool, powered by MEAN. A tool to help increase trip safety, awareness and preparation; developed concept, wireframes and built application. Most challenging was the many validations and UX. Most proud of hiking stats and practical nature of application. Most fun was developing the wireframe and seeing it become a reality.

Fitness tracking tool, powered by latest version of Django, Python 3 and Bootstrap 4. Most challenging was deciding user flow. Most proud of utility of application and clean look and feel. Most fun was using the tool for the first time when it was finished. Lots more features and workout types to hopefully add next.

Note: This project is currently only available via the GitHub link. To decrease my AWS costs, for now this project’s live deployment is paused, but feel free to contact me if you’d like to see it live (or download my repository and run it locally)!

Lightweight chat application, powered by Socket.io and ExpressJS. Most challenging was dealing with timezone conversion and full-screen scaling on desktop. Most fun was chatting with family members across the country and seeing it in action.

Note: This project is currently only available via the GitHub link. To decrease my AWS costs, for now this project’s live deployment is paused, but feel free to contact me if you’d like to see it live (or download my repository and run it locally)!

User level management tool, powered by Django. Most challenging was deciding how to filter template data. Most proud of access levels feature. Most fun was creating accounts and seeing the different access levels in action.

Question and answer style programming forum, powered by MEAN. Most challenging was integrating comments section and defining model relationships. Most proud of sortable headings on the dashboard table. Most fun was seeing the project working and completed.

A few WordPress sites I’ve designed that are worth a gander and a mention:

Earth Adventures

Website for a small business idea I had, although never ended up doing anything with the business; this website did have some love put into the design and look and feel however.

Local Burrito

A website I’ve built and run run for a friend from the Iowa City community. This local business focuses on sustainable food wedding catering and healthy organic grab and go convenience items.

Book review application, powered by Django. Most challenging was determing how I wanted star ratings to appear. Most proud of fully functioning application. Most fun was seeing star ratings in action.


March 2019 – Present

Technical Consultant: Work on site as a technical consultant at major tech company, assist in engineering business solutions utilizing in-house full technology stack including Hacklang, React/Flow, GraphQL. Landed over 200+ code-reviewed commits to the production.

July 2011 – March 2019

Freelance Web Developer: Created 2 business entities which provided website solutions to small businesses. Developed over 12+ logos for small businesses and organizations. Managed and built 20+ different client websites. Increased form contact submissions by 50% for LocalBurrito.com client.

May 2015 – Apr 2016

Website Manager, Kayak Guide: Delivered 300+ people stellar customer service on sea kayaking naturalist tours. Performed 20+ website content changes including adding 10+ new calls to action to website.

Apr 2015 – Feb 2016

ECommerce Product Manager: Added 150+ Ecommerce products to RAIN Retail Content Management System. Migrated 15+ website pages from SquareSpace to RAIN Retail Content Management System.

May 2014 – Sep 2015

Kayak Guide: Delivered 500+ people stellar customer support on day and multi-day sea kayaking tours. Educated 500+ guests on Orca whale biology and local flora and fauna. Managed and organized 10+ tandem kayak, including 20+ paddles and life jackets. Packed and prepared 1-3 meals per day for all guests. Covered up to 30 nautical miles per multi-day trip.

Jul 2012 – Feb 2013

Web Producer: Managed and updated all web content for Wyoming Wildlife Federation website. Assembled and published 2 newsletters, published 20+ social media and marketing postings.

Oct 2011 – Sep 2012

Web Content Administrator: Redesigned homepage based on graphic design mock-up. Gathered and invoked all web content changes for National Outdoor Leadership School and Wilderness Medicine Institute. Converted designs from graphic artists into web elements. Developed 2 AdRoll ads reaching 1,000+ impressions. Contributed to team of 8+ individuals in Creative Department.




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